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The untouched Caribbean St Lucia to Dominica

No, not the Dominican Republic - Dominica (pronounced DOM-IN-EEKA) is an untouched island dotted in the Caribbean Sea between Guadeloupe to the North and Martinique to the South. The history of Dominica is varied and they have a unique culture on the island. Having changed hands between the British and the French on several occasions. And now it is known as 'The Nature Isle' with plenty to do if you like a bit of adventure. From canyoning to Waterfalls, the Rainforests and the indigenous people who you can spend time with on the island and immerse yourself in their culture.

It's also a mere 45 minute flight from St Lucia where our Born To Rum trip had started.

We flew out from Castries Airport which was a totally unique experience. Starting at check in where a casual pace is taken to getting you checked and boarding passes issued. At which point the young lady who as assisting us told us that we could nip over the road to grab ourselves a snack and a pre flight drink. Glancing over we noted the various rum shacks and food huts that lined the elevated boardwalk - all with magnificent views out over the ocean. Had to be the best ever pre departure lounge I have been in! And as you can see Paul enjoyed his pre-flight rum.

Above: The View back to departures at Castries | Below: Views out over the beach & ocean

A short while later we were boarded and on our way to Dominica Marigot. Flying into the island we were amazed at the beauty of it. Lush green vegetation and as out small Embraer aircraft came in to land we flew right down low in between the mountainous landscape.

Arrivals was quick and easy and before we knew it we were in our car with Clem where he took us to our next port of call The Fort Young Hotel in Rosseau.

On arrival we were met by the friendly staff who took our luggage, checked us in and directed us to the bar so we could get a drink and relax. And we had to have a local rum punch! We opted for a late lunch too and the food was amazing too.

Afterwards we made our way up to our room to get settled and ready for the evening ahead. All I can say is that this view - is something you have to see to believe and the photo's do not do it justice at all.

The hotel is situated in a fabulous location right on the sea front in the islands capital and is a haven for divers who can access diving in the Caribbean Sea directly from the hotels own jetty.

They have a fully equipped dive shop and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. And whilst Paul and I were not there to dive it was great listening to the other guests and the adventures that they had whilst they were out at sea.

From the hotel you can walk out into the main town area where we found a really lovely casual dining place that served local dishes and views out over the port and into the sunset.

We also took ourselves off up to Morne Bruce, walking through the botanical gardens and up the trail we had a steep climb before we reached the top, but the view was more than worth it. Looking down over the whole of rosseau with views as far out to ocean as you could want, its no surprise that the british troops decided to make this their main garrison on the island.

Three nights was not nearly enough for us to see the things we wanted or to fully experience the island in all its splendour - so we have a bucket list for when we return.

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